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Professional Multifunction Mandoline

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With this incredible Mandoline, avoid cuts, save time and cook like a chef!

It is the perfect kitchen tool and multifunction slicer that will save time during rush hours and assist you in plating to perfection for your guests.


Mandoline allows slicing, cutting, grating with great ease in different sizes, you can make all kinds of cuts. Mandolin Slicer is used to cut potatoes into wafers, carrots into slices, strips, etc.


This type of tool was previously reserved for professional chefs, it is now accessible to everyone and offers you the possibility of cutting your food in a precise, fast and stylish way!

Yes, because Mandoline offers a wide choice of cutting: classic or wavy washers, julienne, wafers... and thickness from 1 to 8mm.

Thanks to 2 intelligently located buttons, Mandoline allows you to choose between 4 thicknesses and 3 different cutting shapes (Petal, Strip, Wafer).

Another advantage of this Mandolin Slicer is that it offers maximum safety thanks to its trolley and its pusher as well as non-slip foot and its gripping system located on the blades. Add to that it's practically since you can wash the frame of the device in the dishwasher!

Easy to use and maintain, Mandoline is a precious daily aid in the preparation of all your daily recipes!

Mandoline is made of ultra-strong stainless steel (Inox), which allows it to cut potatoes, carrots, cucumber, ginger, onions, lemons or even garlic!


5 Proven Benefits
  • IT IS A SAFE MANDOLINE: Your safety is the most important. The safety pusher can protect your hand from being cut when you use the slicer. The four stainless steel pins can fix the food firmly. Anti-skidding handles and feet can be perfectly fixed on a smooth surface, avoid getting any hurt during the operation.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Mandoline Slicer can shred various fruits and vegetables in different lengths, thickness, and shapes with 4 adjustable ( 18 different sizes) slicing thicknesses. and you can even get creative and do some waffle cutting if you're up for chips! We do not need to change the blades if we need to adjust the thickness. It is a build-in blade. The french fries slicer is a time-saving processor.
  • SPACE SAVING: As we know, we need a lot of space in the kitchen. So the vegetable slicer's folding handle and anti-skid feet make it comfortable to use and easy to fold away for storage. The blades do not need extra space to store.
  • VERSATILE AND FAST: Mandolin slicer grater has different types of precision cutting. If we need to adjust the thickness, we don't need to change the blade, just adjust the button on the side to save time and make cooking faster and easier.
  • TRUSTWORTHY MATERIAL: The blades and whole panel of this mandoline slicer made from food-grade stainless steel that won't rust, keep food safe and chemical-free, strong enough to withstand the hardest veggies. And BPA free plastic frame to make sure 100% safe.



  • Professional Multifunction Mandoline: Extra-wide, stainless steel slicing ramp
  • Slice, julienne and waffle cutting options with four slicing thicknesses
  • Slicing thicknesses:
  1. Waffle cutting and/or very thin slice 1mm
  2. Julienne and/or medium slice 3.5mm
  3. Medium/thick slice 5.5mm
  4. French fry and/or extra thick slice 7.5mm
  • Safety hand guard secures food for stable slicing
  • Non-skid feet fold in for compact storage
  • Integrated blades eliminate loose parts 
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel, ABS, POM, PP, TPE
  • Certification: CE / EU,  FDA, LFGB
  • Slicer size: 13.9 x 5.4 x 5 inches (32cm * 17cm * 13.5cm)
  • Product weight: 1.025 kg


1 x Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer

1 x User Manual


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