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Multi-functional push up rack board abdominal muscle exercise equipment

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Push Up Bars Workout Board

Push up handles that help you execute a proper pushup is uncommon. But the Push Up Bars Workout Board is your best bet to getting the best variations of pushups for building upper body strength where you most need it.

Color-Coded Guide

Executing the perfect pushup form is not easy at first. Most people would manage at lowering themselves to the ground. It’s getting back up that’s tricky. Doing it alternatingly now presents a challenge. It takes time and practice, but it’s always doable. What some might not know is that a pushup is not just an up-and-down exercise. There are many variations of pushups that can affect the different muscle groups of the upper body and not only the arms. This pushup board comes with a color-guide to let you know where to place the included handle grips. Each of the four color-guided directions corresponds to the different areas you’d want to develop: shoulders, chest, triceps, and back muscles. This way, you’re not only working your upper body in one direction. You’ll get the full upper body workout that you need with one equipment that you’ll be glad to take home.

Portable With An Easy Setup

This board only measures at 59.5cm x18.3cm x1.8cm. That means you couldn’t get any exercise board that’s smaller, lighter, and portable. You can easily take it with you anywhere. Take it to your gym if it doesn’t have anything like it. Take it to your office, to the park, the beach – and workout to your heart’s desire. Setup doesn’t take long either because all you need to do is to put the handle grips where you need them on the board. That’s it. You don’t have to do any complicated installations of any kind. This pushup board is one exercise equipment that you’ll believe in.


  • Revolutionary color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscles (chest, shoulders, back, and triceps).
  • Heavy duty "Plug & Press" push up board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition 
  • Maximizes overall upper body strength and endurance, designed for all fitness levels.
  • Burn calories and build strength with this innovative push-up system, leading you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout. 
  • Non-slip handles and board for maximum comfort and safety


  • Material: Environmental ABS
  • Dimensions: 59.5cm x 18.3cm x 1.8cm
  • High load: up to 300kg
  • Weight: 1.35 kg

Package included:

  • 1 x Board
  • 2 x Handles


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